Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sing Your Praise to the Lord

While down with the flu and sinusitis a few weeks ago, I lost my voice. I was annoyed to go through advent and Christmas without being able to sing carols. I missed reading books aloud to the kids. I couldn't sing songs as I put my three to bed.

I wasn't ill too long, but even after recovering my speaking voice, I still could not sing. I faced another Sunday of church when I couldn't outwardly participate in the worship music. I eventually could poorly sing just for my kids, but it wasn't fun because I felt weak and couldn't reach my normal range of notes.

Today I attended All Saints' Church in Peckham, London, with my friends Becky, Simon and Claire. We must have already been in our second or third praise song when I suddenly realized what a novelty it was that I was singing -- with gusto and joy! I was so happy to be able to join people of diverse races and ethnicities in lively adoration of a great God. I was so grateful to have my singing voice back!

We sang of the Lamb upon the throne, and I tried to picture Christ as John described him in Revelation. I imagined saints from around the world, and from all generations, worshiping just as we were this morning. I thank God for his unending love and his perfect sacrifice. I thank Him for the privilege it is to praise Him.

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