Monday, January 12, 2009

Naomi Misses Home

Naomi said today that she likes our home in Virginia better than our home here. I asked her why and she said, "Because in Virginia it was summer. We could swim in our wading pool. We played with [cousin] Owen a lot. I liked going on walks and playing with the neighbors' dogs."

Sigh... She forgets how few walks we took during our winter in Virginia, and she forgets that until we lived with Mimi and Papa, we didn't have any neighbors with dogs. It was really our short summer living with Steve's parents that she remembers so fondly. And I told her today that it's true: we probably won't have a time just like that again; it's a treasure in our memories.

But this afternoon we have a girlfriend from church over playing. Izzy is also 6 and they've enjoyed decorating handbags, making bracelets, and sorting nature pictures. I'm sure that's raising her spirits =)

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