Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anniversary Date

Last week Steve and I celebrated 9 years of marriage, in the same city where he proposed to me in May 1999. Nine years is a drop in the bucket compared to some, but a milestone compared to many. I'm grateful for Steve's constant patience, encouragement, and tender love. He is faithful and respectful and such a gift to me!

For our anniversary, he brought home a dozen roses, of mixed colors. I think they're the best flowers I've received in years!! I was thrilled! We also asked a friend to come stay with our kids so we could go out to dinner. We went to a Mexican cafe in city centre for our main course and to the Eagle and Child pub for dessert.

Mexican food is not easy to find here in England, but we were impressed with The Mission. Their prices were very reasonable, the quantity was fairly large by British standards, and the taste was delicious! Guacamole was a highlight.

The Eagle and Child is a pub that was frequently used as a meeting place for a group of writers known as the Inklings. C.S. Lewis and Tolkien were among them, and as we love these two authors, we enjoy eating where they ate. (We also first went there while engaged.) A friend had recommended the sticky toffee pudding and we thoroughly enjoyed it as our dessert!

Here's to my loving husband, Steve, and many more years of marriage yet to come...

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Ali said...

Happy belated Anniversary!