Tuesday, January 20, 2009

London - Jan. 2009

It was so cold, but we wanted to show the kids the part of London we'd enjoyed while dating. So we dragged them to the Thames and made them see Tower Bridge (I used to live just a few blocks from TB). Naomi doesn't like having her photo taken, and Ethan was asleep in the stroller.

We rode the Docklands Light Railway because the kids were so excited about trains. The DLR uses a computer system to drive their trains, instead of actual people. The kids were thus able to stand right next to the front window of the entire train!

Meals were a little crazy with my family of 5 added to Becky's family of 4! For six days we were serving 4 adults and 5 kids who were 6 or under.

My friends Simon and Claire live around the corner from my hostess friend Becky. They'd come over with their 2 year old and newborn and then we'd have 7 kids aged 6 and under!

Playing with the kids while my friend Becky did some work at her church.

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