Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Home to City Centre

These are pictures from our weekly trek into city centre. We go on Wednesdays because that’s when there’s a farmer’s market in Gloucester Green. Walking with the kids takes about 45 minutes, if we don’t stop to watch the ducks in University Park. Then on the way back, we have more to carry because of our purchases at market. The kids usually take turns pulling our shopping trolley, while I pull another load and push the stroller with one hand.
The final picture, of a cab with the periodic table on it, is in honor of my Grandpa, previously a science teacher. I thought it might make him smile =)

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Mike Blyth said...

As usual, we enjoy seeing the photos! Mom recognizes some of them and likes the reminder, while I like getting to see a bit of where you are. Looks nice!