Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Same but Different

The minute we walked into the Leavers' home, here in Oxford, my kids found two bins of plastic animals set out in the kitchen for them. They immediately began setting up their zoo, and organising all the creatures. No difference from home!

Ethan, too, has enjoyed the cars and trucks that the Leavers have out for him, as well as the stuffed animals. All three kids were glad today was sunny (unlike yesterday which was rainy, windy and cold all day long) so we could go to a local playground as well as play in the back garden (yard) here at home.

But many things are different, too. Like...
Doing my laundry in the kitchen, in a front-loading machine that fascinates Ethan especially
Hanging up my clothes to dry in the kitchen
The sound of the telephone ringing
Using an electric food scale when I made chili tonight
Narrow, long houses
Narrow, long gardens
The shape of swings in the park (they have stiff, rectangular seats)
Cars parked half on the pavement, half on the street
The direction to look before you cross the road
The "walk" symbol on the traffic lights (a little green man walking)
Using a duvet instead of a top sheet and blanket
The location of the @ key on the computer!
Tea all the time
Chocolate spread on toast

All of these are familiar to me, as I've lived here before, so it's a nice feeling -- like I'm coming home. I'm thankful to not feel bewildered like I did when I moved to Scotland, but I'm not saying it's easy either! More on that another day...

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