Tuesday, May 1, 2007

G-gpa and Julie Visit!

My grandpa and his wife Julie visited us last week, coming all the way from California. It was great to catch up with them and get some Grandpa hugs, but I think the best thing about their visit was seeing my kids get to know them.

Naomi and Josiah didn't remember the last time they'd seen Grandpa and Julie (2 years ago) so at first they were a little nervous to see them again. But when I talked about the visit ahead of time, saying how excited I was, they caught on to my joy and anticipation. They helped me clean the house and Naomi wanted to make a special cake and sign to welcome them.

Both kids were a little shy at first, but by the time G-gpa (for "Great-grandpa") had read Naomi a book and given Josiah food, they were warmed up! One of our few days together was rainy, which gave us a good excuse to do origami inside together. Naomi called it 'folding' and said it was her favorite thing about their visit. We also made paper airplanes and helicopters. (Helicopters are VERY easy and fun to watch spinning through the air -- just look it up online for directions.)
Josiah says his highlight was having G-gpa and Julie read Curious George books to him.

Naomi and Josiah spent hours outside, too, catching big ants and playing with them. Grandpa was amazed at how well my kids play together.

When I was little, I had three great-grandparents who I saw at least a few times a year. They all lived in San Diego, near my grandparents, and were a part of our holidays and special visits.

Grandpa and Julie are such neat people and part of so many memories that I wish my kids could see them more. It makes me sad that they might not know each other very well, but I'm grateful that they at least had this short visit. I'm glad that Grandpa and Julie were willing to do 'kid-things' with the children (instead of sight-seeing things) so that Naomi and Josiah have memories of specific things like origami.

Thank you, God, for my great family!

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Charity said...

Like you, I really treasure the time my kids get to spend with their Great Grandparents. We are down to one set. And it makes me really sad.

What a precious time for your children. Sounds like some wonderful memories were made.