Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yahweh and Man: a narrative of redemption (Part 1: Beginnings)

Before the beginning
ever began
You were.

Holy God
perfect by nature
so beyond my mind's understanding --
there simply are no words.
For you are full,
and complete
way above my finitude.

You are love.
You are mercy.
You are judge.
You are righteous.

You are alone.

There is none like you.

* * *

In the beginning
you created.
Master artist
you joined your
zesty imagination
with your love for beauty
to form the earth
and the heavens.

Your powerful hand
wrought the stars,
the mountain summits,
the ocean depths.
Your gentle hand
molded ladybugs,
and baby's breath.

Giver of life,
creative beyond comparison,
you made all things.

And you saw that
they were good.

* * *

Creator of beginnings
you saw that all was good.
But you were not yet finished.

For your grand finale,
you made two more
Man and Woman.
Of the same form
yet different,
you made them.

In holy tenderness,
you breathed your life
into them.
You placed your treasure
into their clay pots
and called them
"in my image."

Though created,
we are creative.
Though finite,
we seek the infinite.
Though individuals,
we need relationship.

Thank you, God,
for the life you have given us.
Thank you for
making us image-bearers.
Thank you for beginnings.

April 1998, for Christian Thought class at Wheaton College

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Anonymous said...

Lis, I wish I could write poetry as you can.