Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Everything's growing: Ethan, house and plants!

Ethan is 5 months old now, and has just begun rolling over. It's so fun to see him change and grow. He smiles all the time, finally sleeps on his own and takes regular naps, and loves to gum anything in reach. His favorite is when I'm drinking a smoothie. He grabs my ice-cold glass and gnaws on the rim of it. He must be teething...

Dad's house is also 'growing,' in that the whole place is finally roofed (in the basic sense). This brings a sigh of relief to Dad and the guys because now they can still work when it rains and the house doesn't get flooded with pond-like puddles. They also have wrapped the house in Tybek, an insulating material that goes on before the siding. This, too, keeps the rain out, but also the breeze and the birds. Little birds had been enjoying flying in circles through the various windows, but now they use the stairwell and the chimney as their playground.

Since I blogged two months ago about planting avocado, lemon, and grapefruit seeds, as well as a sweet potato, I'm including pictures showing their progress. The citrus were the first to sprout but are now the slowest-growing. The sweet potato and avocado are higher every day. In the red pot are sweet pepper plants and in the small green pot are tomato plants. While eating cherries today, the kids decided we should try planting a cherry seed, too!

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ErinOrtlund said...

I would love to plant sweet potatoes, but I figured the climate wouldn't be right in North America. Guess I was wrong! Avocadoes would also be wonderful to grow!