Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Sorrow

I would guess that many around the world have now heard about our university shooting this morning. I've read that it is the deadliest shooting of its kind in American history.

These events always make me so sad, even if it's only one or two dead, as in the Amish school shooting last year. But this time, 32 were killed and it happened quite close to us. Blacksburg, VA, is only just over an hour away from where we live.

A recurring statement that I've read from students at Virginia Tech goes something like, "This is such a sleepy part of the state. Not much happens here. How could this have happened?" We're out in the country, far away from the highly populated cities like Washington, D.C. and Charlotte, N.C. It feels very safe here.

But nowhere is 'safe.'

My heart mourns for all the families that lost loved ones today. I mourn for the classmates and faculty who have to recover from the shock.

I know evil has always existed (well, not 'always' as in 'eternal,' but you know what I mean) and that people have killed ever since we were created. But it just seems different for a stranger to callously and brutally take the lives of so many people he doesn't even know and doesn't have a reason to hate.

Our only hope is that God reigns, and that he both judges evil and forgives the humble. God, please comfort the weeping tonight...


ErinOrtlund said...

It is so sobering. I grew up in Virginia--VA Tech was a common college choice among the high school students in my town.

Lisa Blyth Gertz said...

Where were you in Virginia, Erin?