Sunday, April 1, 2007

Busy on Vacation

Eight days ago, Steve drove the kids and me for three hours to Washington, D.C., where he dropped us off at Dulles Airport. I was taking Naomi (4 1/2), Josiah (3) and Ethan (3 months) with me on a 'vacation' to Chicago (without Steve). My brother Jonathan and his wife Lori had welcomed their second son Ian Calvin Blyth into the world on March 13, in Wisconsin, so I wanted to make the journey to meet him and visit with family and friends.

We've now slept in four different homes, visited with 6 of my friends and 8 of their children (as well as 4 relatives, 2 spouses, 4 cats and one dog), eaten pizza three times and still have three more friends to see before we leave! We've played outside, talked till late at night, gone thrift store shopping, dyed eggs, made s'mores, watered flowers, drawn with sidewalk chalk, eaten popsicles, had Easter egg hunts, and generally just had a lot of fun!!

But I'm tired and shouldn't even be writing this as it's late. I'll report more when I get home. The good news is: it IS possible to travel alone with three small children! And the great news is: friends and family are AWESOME, and it's so good to feel loved and connected again after 5 months of loneliness.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a good time, Lis, and I'm glad you've found it possible to travel with your little ones. Have a great time with the BlythQuad, and do tell all about it on here! Hugs all around. Luv, Ish