Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Want to Marry You

I was proposed to last night! My three year old son came up to me while we were eating dinner at Mimi and Papa's house. "I want to marry you, Mommy," Josiah said.

He has said this many times before, to me and Naomi both. It's his recent way of saying "I love you." Usually Naomi replies that she wants to marry him, too. I often reply with some explanation of who can marry who, or just say that I love him back.

But last night, I responded, "Okay! When's the wedding? Do you have a date?" He looked a little flustered. He said, "No, far away." So I asked, "How old are you going to be when we get married?" And he answered, "Four."

I asked him if I should go buy a white wedding dress, and he said that no, I should wear a BLUE wedding dress. Then I asked him if he had a ring ready to give me at our wedding. He said he had one at home, and that it's a 'pink dolphin ring' (plastic, I'm sure!)

On a side note, since our citrus plants successfully sprouted, I decided to plant a few more things. We now have basil and tomatoes already sprouting and are hoping to see some sign of our sweet peppers and cilantro soon. Our sweet potato and avocadoes keep changing, but no sign of green yet.

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Charity said...

My kids have decided that they want to marry each other too! But this Blue Wedding Dress and Dolphin ring I need to see! Good job, Mom.