Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sleeping With My Daughter's Animals

My kids got to sleep at my in-laws' house tonight (called Mimi and Papa by the kids). This is usually a weekly occurrence, and involves packing pj's, clean clothes, and bedding ... and battling over how many animals/dolls/special items can come, too.

Both Naomi and Josiah almost always feel the need to take armloads of their favorite things with them wherever they go: to church, the park, someone's house, shopping, anywhere!! Even though we've lost things (some temporarily and others permanently), and I always warn the kids that this could easily happen again, they still want to bring their precious things with them (this could be a stuffed animal, a doll, a cap, a book, a bag of colored glass pebbles, pink plastic high-heeled shoes, a gift bag full of dress-up items, a swimsuit, you name it!)

This afternoon I told my children that they could only bring TWO animals/dolls to Mimi and Papa's house. I expected an argument or even a tantrum, especially from my daughter. But instead she looked at me and said, "Mom, will you take care of my animals for me tonight?" I told her I'd be happy to, and to put them in my bed so I could keep them company while she was gone. This completely satisfied her.

So I'm thinking of Naomi as I crawl into bed with Minnie Mouse, pink lamb, pink poodle (on a lead), and whoever else I find under my covers!


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They actually do learn about things that go missing. I was totally shocked. I thought my kids were oblivious or had forgotten. My daugther lost a prized lizard once at Wal-Mart. The next time we went back she tried to look for it. Another time my son hung a bird out the car window, and the bird took flight somewhere in Oklahoma. Since they things have rarely been hung out car windows. Real life consequences really do work. But it takes a few years! Hope you sleep well tonight!