Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trust in the Midst of Darkness

Our year in Amman is winding down, with a departure date now set for
June 22. Everyone assumes this means we have a “next step.” We don’t.
We’ll have a 24-hour layover in Rome (YAY!!) and then arrive in D.C. on
June 23. Thankfully Steve’s parents are gracious enough to let us crash
at their place in Lexington, VA, while we get our life sorted.

Steve had applied to many graduate programs, hoping to do a PhD in Islamic history next year, but most have said “no.” It’s a bad time to need a funded program, as everyone’s finances are so strapped. We still have two possibilities, but I don’t know how much to hope for. One would be in Tennessee, the other in Exeter, England.

It’s not a fun place to be, in this desert of uncertainty. With loans to pay back and 3 kids to care for, the stress can overwhelm us. We alone do not have the means or the strength to endure, but we have a God who knows no bounds and works all things for good. The hard part is trusting him through these dark valleys, and surrendering all plans to him. He might very well have something completely unexpected in our future. May we have the grace to accept whatever it is.


Mary Blyth Jones said...

Lisa, Isn't it wonderful to know that God can turn this desert into a dessert of joy. Regardless of where your path takes you, it will be closer to God's fantastic love as you and Steve choose to follow God's calling. Martin and I will be praying for your future, as we have always done, and will continue to do so. God is great, and most holy. His grace is abundant and His ways are right.

<3 Auntie M and Uncle Martin

Lisa Gertz said...

Thanks, Marybeth. We appreciate your encouragement!