Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sickness Abounds

I'm not sure what is happening to our once-healthy family. It seems like we're the house of contagion these days.

Six weeks ago Naomi and Josiah each came down with some kind of sore throat virus thing (a week apart), and I followed them with my own cold. All five of us got head lice and it's taken 2 weeks to get rid of it by wet-combing.

Naomi's been battling impetigo on her mouth and nose for a few weeks. I was diagnosed with erysipelas (a superficial skin infection) on my cheek last Sunday, and now my visiting sister-in-law has come down with tonsillitis.

What is going on?? These are not major issues, but it's getting a bit tiring always having someone not feeling good! Naomi's impetigo and Genelle's tonsillitis are the current prayer needs .... let's get this family healthy again!!

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