Friday, May 1, 2009

Homeschooling Quandries...

I can not figure out what direction to take our homeschooling. I've written to friends, asking for their recommendations. I've looked online. I've thought about pros and cons of various styles, philosophies, and methods. But nothing is clicking for me. The pieces are not falling into place, revealing the best answer for my own family.

I should probably spend some time journaling, heart-searching, praying, listing. I should probably also ease up a bit. I tend to be an "all-or-nothing" sort of person, therefore thinking that I need to have this all figured out by next school year and that there is one BEST way eluding me which I need to find. But as my friend pointed out, there isn't an "only" way. My kids will learn, whether I use the classical method or unit studies. And if I try something next year, and it doesn't work the way I'd hoped, I can always change for the following year (or sooner!)


ErinOrtlund said...

I know some people practice "unschooling" with no curriculum at all. If I were to homeschool, I probably wouldn't do it that way. But knowing that some kids thrive with that approach might make you feel more relaxed about choosing a direction to do--it's probably difficult to choose poorly, especially since you are such an experienced teacher and attentive Mama. I bet you have lots of great field trip opportunities in Oxford too!

Ant Pamela said...

I know this sounds horribly naive, but what would be so bad about sending your kids to public school in Oxford?

I'd think it'd be a really neat opportunity for them.