Monday, April 27, 2009

Steve's Headaches

For the past two months, my husband Steve has suffered ongoing headaches, which he's told are probably tension headaches. The onset of them seems to coincide with his receipt of the news that he was denied a scholarship he'd been counting on for next year. So far none of his scholarship applications have panned out, and we're looking at huge loans to get us through the second year of his master's program (and our living expenses).

The headaches make it hard for him to sleep, and sometimes make him feel sick, as well. During the bad ones, it's difficult for him to concentrate on his work, and he's getting very discouraged. He's not sure he'll even be able to make it through the program.

I'd appreciate prayer for him. Not only for his physical healing, but for peace of mind. I'm looking for work that's either very part-time or else from home. No matter what, though, staying here will put a huge financial stress on us for decades to come. We need wisdom and guidance, faith and hope, realism and optimism. Thanks for caring...


Ant Pamela said...

Tension headaches are no fun.
:-( I'll be praying for him!

And, I'll be praying that you find a pleasant and lucrative job.

ErinOrtlund said...

Oh, Lisa, that sounds stressful and discouraging. I'll be praying for God's provision, in whatever way it comes! And healing for the headaches.

Mike Blyth said...

Consider migraine headaches especially if feeling sick is a part. Migraines do have a variety of medical treatments although with varying levels of success. But rest is important too and that's pretty hard in the middle of a tough course of learning Arabic!