Saturday, March 14, 2009

Invitation from Naomi

My kids absolutely love having people over to our home. I guess we've had a lack lately because Naomi and Josiah began planning their own social get-together this morning. They decided to invite their Sunday school class over next week (which is only 3 other kids besides themselves), and wrote out invitations while I was still getting up and showering! Most of them were sealed in envelopes before I got a peek, but here is one I found still open, addressed to a classmate named Imogen.

Imogen, luv Naomi

Pleez com to or hows on next sadr da. 39 Faree rowd.

Love Naomi

She drew a picture of the front of our house next to the words, and the details she included were her bedroom windows, our dining room windows, the handle of her scooter which just barely shows above our short wall, the number on our door, and the big bush we have out front (which had spherical, dried-up flowers all over it until I pruned it just a few weeks ago).

I love seeing my kids use their writing and reading in everyday life. That's what it's for, after all! (In fact, I'm beginning to think I might try "un-schooling" for a while, but more on that later....)

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Ant Pamela said...

Wish I could have seen Naomi's drawing. It sounds delightful.