Sunday, January 6, 2008

Small Encouragements

Yesterday it warmed up to 45 degrees, so my kids decided to have a "picnic" outside on the "big hill" in our yard. They gathered together their favorite stuffed animals, a doll stroller, a blanket, plates, cups, and then asked me for food. I gave them oyster crackers and one cookie each.

They asked if they could eat their entire lunch outside at their picnic, so I said "Sure!" I made peanut butter and graham cracker "sandwiches," washed some apples and peeled one for Ethan. We loved being outside!

Ethan had a hard time sitting and walking on the hill. He kept tipping over! But I stuck by him and helped him walk on the slant. He loved seeing our cows and tasting dirt and grass again.

The older kids climbed fences, ran around, and collected dried up seed pods. I was grateful they could use their energy and noise outside instead of driving me crazy inside!

And I used my free weekend minutes to call some dear friends from Illinois and Scotland. I talked with five wonderful women and felt so refreshed by catching up with them and hearing their voices. Thank you, God, for small encouragements like "warm" weather and friends!

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