Saturday, January 19, 2008

December family pics

Naomi loves wearing her Little Mermaid crown so much that sometimes we wonder if it's actually attached to her head!

Ethan playing with some flour (while I cook). I thought he'd enjoy feeling it, but didn't anticipate it being dumped so quickly!

Grandpa and Ethan at Wendy's in Charlotte. The Sunday after-church wait at Cracker Barrel was WAY too long. We gave up and did fast food instead.

Naomi, Lisa, Grandma, Grandpa with Ethan, Steve, Josiah
on our last morning together Dec 28

Josiah with his face painted. The kids got face paints for Christmas and I loved doing them up!


Lori said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you enjoyed the face paints. It looks like you've got the knack for it too.

Anonymous said...

So fun! Thanks for putting up the pics, Lis. Your kids are SO adorable! I just want to give them each a huge hug from Ish!!