Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yahweh and Man: a narrative of redemption (Finale: The Not Yet)

No one knows
the day or the hour –
it could be any minute.

The LORD in all his splendor
will return for his own
and rule in his heavenly might.

No one knows
the day or the hour…
we must always be ready.

If he came tonight,
would you have any reason to fear?

* * *

Holy God,
I praise you
for being so righteous
that all sin is detestable
in your sight.

But I praise you, too,
for grace,
for forgiveness,
for cleansing me by
the blood of Jesus.
There will be a day
when I and all others
stand before your throne,
accountable for our words,
but most of all,
for our acceptance
or rejection
of You as LORD.

King of kings,
I already dread
the look of disappointment
on Your face
as you recount all my failings.
But I rejoice, as well, in knowing
that you have covered these
and saved me from
the punishment I deserve.

* * *

In this world
of hurt and disappointment,
we like to think of
as the place with all of our
own personal favorites.
The beauty of heaven, though,
is not in our own pleasure,
our own satisfaction.
Rather it is in the
of being face-to-face
with God
and praising him in humble adoration
forever …
Eternal worship
of an eternal God,
worthy of all
honor and glory.

  • * * *

even as I am redeemed in your sight,
may I ever remember
that redemption
is not a story about me.

You love us, yes.
but you did not redeem us
because we are so good.

You alone are to be praised,
and nothing else in eternity is worth doing.
Only in worshipping you
does life have any meaning.
The story of redemption
is all about YOU.

You, who desire all glory and praise.
You, who are the end to all.
You have redeemed us that we might
worship you forever,
and live in right relationship
with You.

Please keep breaking me
every single day
that I would become less of me
and more of you,
and live in constant worship.

April 1998, for my Christian Thought final project

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