Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October update

It's been one month since last post, and Ethan is still not fully evaluated for speech therapy!! He's supposed to have his final test this week ... we'll see. Then there will likely be another time lag before we have a meeting with the therapist to "decide the plan of action." Red tape!

Steve's had 2 job interviews for an editorial position in D.C. and we're waiting to hear back as to the results. He's also having another interview this week for a job in NC. It's hard not to be impatient, as we'd really like to get settled in our own place and have income again!

One week ago, Steve's sister got married in a lovely outdoor ceremony. Naomi was a junior bridesmaid in the wedding and delighted in dressing up!

Other autumn highlights for the kids include learning how to shoot a bow and arrow (while in Baltimore with Wheatie friends), and building & painting & playing in their new "clubhouse" in the woods below our yard. They love that it has windows and a ladder, and Steve's dad most recently added a second ladder so they have access to the roof. They'd climbed to the roof one night to watch stars, so Papa decided a 2nd ladder would make the climb safer.

I'm still hanging in there ... kind of. I'm trying to lose weight, trying to do my best at homeschooling, and trying to survive the loneliness that comes from yet another international move.

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