Sunday, September 5, 2010

Almost Done

In 48 hours, I'll be sleeping in my new house, Lord willing. We've been living out of suitcases for the past 37 days and are ready to have our own place!! On Tuesday morning, we'll take a coach directly from Oxford to Gatwick airport, catch our first flight which will take us to our layover in Latvia, and then we'll spend the evening flying three more hours to Amman, Jordan, arriving soon after midnight.

We're only allowed a total of 140 kilos for our family of five, and that's including the carry-ons. It's been tricky to make decisions about what's most important to us as individuals and as a group. It's made harder by not knowing exactly what will be available (and for what price) when we get there.

We had a lovely Sunday today. Our pastor prayed for us in church, and afterwards we got to chat with lots of friends over tea and biscuits. At lunchtime we picnicked in the neighboring park with our home-group, and eventually visited with lots of other church friends who came along to say goodbye. It was really ideal -- the kids were busy playing, and we could leisurely chat with those we'll miss the most!

Naomi and I also then went to visit our previous neighbors, a Christian Malaysian family who have a daughter Naomi's age. Again, she had a good play while I had a lovely visit and prayer time. And finally we had a yummy dinner cooked by our friend who is currently hosting us, followed by her taking care of our kids' bedtime routine. What a delightful break for me!!

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