Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exploring How to Write

Naomi and Josiah are taking off not only in their reading but in their writing. Only, their confusion over how to spell things reminds me how inconsistent the English language is in its rules. See if you can make out what they are saying...

Notes from Naomi

i luv u momo
i wot to shoo u mazingn chric
wach theis.
i luv yor smile.
i luv yor kisis.
i luv yor hugs.
The end.

i luv u momo
i dusidid to by u ords win I am groonup.
i luv u moor len eny ulr momo
en fakt u or the onee momo I had.
luv Naomi

i hop u or gooing to feel deetr soon
i luv u Dad
Luv Naomi

Note from Josiah

i hop lat u get bedr.

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