Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Housing Hopes

We think we may have found a place to live. It took hours of searching online and calling Oxford realtors. We did not originally realize that landlords would be so picky about allowing children in their properties! As we were told "no" by realtor after realtor, we decided we probably needed to just take the first one that said "yes."

Our friend is viewing it for us tomorrow, and unless something is hugely wrong, we'll put a deposit down right away. It's a 3-bedroom (no one allowed us to rent a 2-bedroom) furnished place, in walking distance of Steve's school and the church we plan to attend (Magdalen Road Church). We really really hope it all goes through okay, as it will be a load off our minds to know we have a new home (though it won't actually be available until 10 days after we arrive!)

Naomi received her new glasses today. They are pink and stylish -- much cuter than my first ones! She looks very grown up with them on.


Turbo Mom said...

Wow, Lisa! I didn't know you had eneded up decided to move! Congratulations!


ErinOrtlund said...

So have you heard anything yet??? Sounds great!

Your kids look so grown up! And cute as ever!

Jen said...

Love Naomi's glasses -- they're as cute as Katie's! :-)

See you next week -- Hooray!