Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Saralynn!

It's my sister's birthday and unfortunately, she's too far away to hug or celebrate with. But I'm thinking of her all the same! She's my little sister, but just in the last 18 months, has gotten married, re-located to Nigeria, and birthed (naturally!!!) a handsome baby boy. I treasure her notes of encouragment, faithful letters keeping me updated, and her perseverance in hard times. I love hearing her sing, and even better, singing with her! I respect her analytical mind, but enjoy her creativity as well. She's a great writer!

Since both of us "growing up," she's become my best friend, and I thank the Lord for her! Here's to you, Ish!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lisa! I forgot to leave a comment when I read this last time! You rock! But you give me WAY too much credit!!