Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Steps and New Nephew

The milestones just keep rolling in!

On Saturday November 3, Ethan took his first steps, and hasn't stopped since. He loves to walk!

But bigger than that, my sister gave birth to her first baby yesterday, November 5, in Nigeria. His name is Timothy Marc Dauda Nege, and is healthy and cute =) I'm sad that we can't visit them in person, but thankful that everything went smoothly and glad he's here! To see pics, look on Flickr under Timothy Nege. I couldn't seem to attach one here; sorry!


Charity said...

Lisa, attatching a photo from Flickr goes backwards. YOu start out in flickr, and tell them you want to add the picture to your blog. Then you write the blog entry from the Flickr website. And voila, blog post with good active link to flickr picture that you wanted.

Lisa Blyth Gertz said...

Thanks, Charity! I appreciate the tip!