Sunday, July 15, 2007

Journal quips about Josiah

I asked if you like your Sunday school teacher and you said, “Yes, because she’s pretty and her nails are pink.”

Mimi said you and Owen (20 month old cousin) played so well this morning (you both spent the night at Mimi’s). You held his hand and walked him to daycare.

(July 4) Even though we were 5/8 mile from the fireworks, you still held your hands over your ears.

(July 5) You asked if we could see fireworks again tonight.

You helped me hang up wet laundry. You want to move to the top bunk.

I discovered blue stuff on your carpet – been playing with toothpaste? (I later found much more in the closet, all over a puzzle.)

Because we have cow dung on our dirt road, you said, “We live in a poopy place.”

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Squid said...

I laughed out loud at Josiah's comment about living in a poopy place. Too funny! Don't you just love the stuff kids come up with?