Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Small Joys of Mothering

March 21, 2007

I love the way babies smile with their entire body. When Ethan sees his brother or sister, his mouth opens wide in a huge grin, and his arms and legs move in excitement. It's kind of like a dog wagging his tail, I suppose.

Ethan giggled for the first time today. It wasn't for me, either! It was because Josiah was smiling at him, and for some reason he found that funny. Maybe it's just his joy in being alive and being loved. I'm glad my kids have each other. It's so fun to hear Naomi and Josiah talking together or playing -- building 'tents,' catching ladybugs, gathering sticks, pulling their stuffed animals on 'leads.'

A highlight today was seeing two birds eating the birdseed out of our homemade birdfeeder (an empty cream carton). We've filled the birdfeeder a few times, so we knew someone was eating the food! But we hadn't seen the birds in action until this morning. Naomi and I were sitting in the car for a minute before coming into the house and in our stillness, we saw the two birds. Oh, the small joys of mothering!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Lis! What a great idea to start one! :) I adore hearing about your kids and how you're coping with them. You are amazing, sister!

Squid said...

Your account of seeing the birds reminds me of "our" rabbit. Over the winter we were leaving cereal out for a rabbit that we knew lived nearby, because we always saw the prints. Then we finally caught sight of the little bugger, cowering just beyond the garage, or hiding under the car. Eventually he became quite bold, staying to eat when we were standing only a couple feet away. But he was still wild... When the thaw started, we had to cut him off so he would go back to foraging on his own. ):